Wavefront Classic

  • Five plus octave pitch range.
  • Volume sensitivity tuning.
  • Large wound air-core coil
  • Pitch range tuning.
  • Dual tone controls.
  • Headphone output with gain.
  • Line (amplifier) output with gain.
  • Removable and reversible gold-plated antennas
  • External linear power supply for grater stability
  • Removable legs for ease of transport.

For the theremin player looking for class and elegance in an instrument, our Classic cabinet model is built into a hand-crafted finished solid walnut enclosure. The curved lid adds character to the instrument, and serves as a, support for sheet music. Designed using modern solid state technology, this model offers the following features and recent improvements: five plus octave pitch range, volume sensitivity tuning, large wound air-core coil, pitch range tuning, dual tone controls, headphone output with gain, line (amplifier) output with gain, removable and reversible gold-plated antennas, external linear power supply for grater stability, removable legs for ease of transport.

Price: $2,275.00

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